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Ezzy Sails   Cheetah Ezzy FreeRide Sail!  
 Ezzy Cheetah 2012 FreeRide Sail!

With a strong, locked-in profile supported by seven horizontal shaping seams, the Cheetah is stable and balanced, allowing you to focus on going fast, even at the highest of
The materials used in making the Cheetah’s body read as a list of ultra-high tech sail cloth materials:
Technora on the leech resists stretch, white and Color Fusion Tri-Lite reduce weight, Spectra X ply give the Cheetah lasting durability, and the cnc’d stainless steel tack pulley makes down hauling a breeze. And, as with every Ezzy, the Cheetah is rigged and tuned in our factory before being shipped out to your local shop.


Ezzy Cheetah Freeride  Sail Specs
Ezzy Sails  Lion!  
Ezzy & Kevin Prichards 2 cam Lion    It’s a predator that is bred to hunt down other sailors and devour them.

The Lion is fast flying over the water, and fast to get on the water–easy to rig with Ezzy cams.

The Lion is also easy to waterstart and uphaul with a narrow mast sleeve that doesn’t hold excessive heavy water. With a wide wind range, you need fewer sails, meaning less time deciding what to rig.

The Ezzy Lion is light, making jibes snappier and more consistent. Unparalleled Ezzy build standards guarantee the Lion is strong, using the latest high-tech fabrics (like Technora, Spectra, and Color-Fusion Trilite). Without a single speck of monofilm, the Lion has the same Ezzy construction developed to survive years of use and abuse.

And of course, like every Ezzy, each Lion is rigged and tuned in the factory so that it is ready for you right out of the bag.

Sail longer, stronger, faster, and more competitively with the new Ezzy Lion.


Ezzy Lion Sail Specs
Ezzy Sails  Tiger! Ezzy Tiger
A light-weight yet powerful beast, the Ezzy Tiger evolved to dominate in all wave and water conditions.
Whether charging the biggest waves in the world or blasting around with friends on flat water, the Ezzy Tiger survives and thrives.

Wave Tiger highlights:

  • The Ezzy Tiger is a less expensive alternative to the Panther Limited, using more cost-conscious materials.
  • Both the Ezzy Tiger and Panther Limited handle equally well in stronger winds, while our testers feel the Ezzy Tiger has slightly more light wind power.
  • Ezzy quality and construction standards—the highest in the world, bar none—insure bomb-proof durability.
  • The Ezzy Tiger features Ezzy’s own clear Spectra X ply on the leech.

And, each Ezzy Tiger, like every Ezzy produced, is rigged and de-clawed in the Ezzy Factory before being shipped to your local shop


Ezzy Tiger Sail Specs
Ezzy Sails  Panther Limited!

Ezzy Panther Limited!

The “Panther Limited” is the lightest and most advanced sail David Ezzy has ever built.

Performance Highlights:

  • More power.
  • 200 grams lighter.
  • Even easier handling.
  • Increased wind range.
  • Better balance and stability.
  • New designer sailcloth called “Color Fusion Tri-Lite” that makes every sail unique. No two sails are exactly the same…but each is gorgeous.
  • New head profile gives unparalleled control, even when grossly overpowered.
  • New innovative tack strap ruler, for insuring pinpoint accuracy for base extension settings.

The Panther Limited is built with our legendary quality and high-tech materials like Technora, Spectra X-film, Color Fusion X-Ply, and our removable stainless steel tack pulley.


Ezzy Panther Ltd Sail Specs