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Windsurfing Accessories

Links NSI CHINOOK      
Surf Shades   Dakine Dakine
  Boom Bra Base Pad

Surf Shades #1.................................$69.99
Black Frame / Gray Polarized Lens

·        Polycarbonate Frame and Lens with Hydrophobic Coating

·        Removable Adjustable Elastic Head Strap

·        Neoprene Leash & Collar with Breakaway Clip

·        Microfibre Cloth

     $16 $14
Harnesse Bars      
Stainless $27   Stainless Roller $38  
Harness Lines



Classic Reactive Lines



Windsurf Mono Lines


Adjustable Lines



Comp Adjustable Lines



Dakine Lines


Fixed Lines


Sailworks $45      
Largest Range great for big sails!      
Pro Tec Helmets      

Pro-Tech ACE WAKE $69 now $45



Pro Tec Helmets

Two styles available. The Ace Wake has a high density injection molded shell. New for '04, redesigned interior fit system, rear head lock fit system, removable cupping ear guards with water channels. The Ace Water has a high density injection molded shell with new interior fit system. Both models offer ultra-light protection and are certified to CE EN 1385 water sports safety standard. Colors both models: Red, Yellow, Blue, Rubber Black. The Ace Water is also available in Silver & White. The Ace Wake is also available in two New colors: Matte Olive Green & Matte Gray. Sizes: S 53-54cm, M 55-56cm, L 57-58cm, XL 59-60cm.

Item Code: AWK Ace Wake MSR


 $68.95 Now $44


Item Code: AW Ace Water MSR $35


Ace Wake Only:

Cupping Earguards - Removable cupping ear guards with water channels. Padding around the ear has been increased to help prevent riders from blowing out their ear drums when they hit the water at high speeds.

Head Lock - Rear head lock fit system offers supreme comfort and fit advancement, by cupping the occipital bone of the head with high tech styling made from a flexible skeleton, with soft rubber/stretch lining. Height placement and front to back tension is adjustable for different head shapes.

Both Models:

Full Surround Interior - Full surround dual density eva interior covering the inside of the shell. A portion of the EVA liner will be cut thicker to cushion the head around the crown


Pro-tech ACE WATER MSR  $59 now  $35



Pro-Limit Global $59.95   Pro-Limit C3 $55  


C1 $59      
Hyperflex Amp $49   Supreme Water Shoes $53  



Surf Boot      
Pro-Limit Global Boots $69.95   Okespor Super Okefun Zip Boots Neil Pryde Boots

C1 $69 $70 5000 series $62 6m or
3000 series 4m w/ zip $52
Bare Boots      
With zipper $50      
Bare Polar Hood Neil Pryde Hood Neil Pryde Hood Neil Pryde Beinie
$30 Standard Hood $34   Pro Hood $54 Beanie $44
Dakine Dakine Bare Dakine
$32 $30 $20 $42
Roof Rack Pads   Tail gate rack pads  
For round, square and flat bars   Tail gate pads for pickup trucks  



Waterstarter NEW
Makes learning to waterstart very easy. Benefits people who are learning to waterstart, and sailors who still don't make every waterstart consistently.
(Suggested Retail US $29.95)

Race Harness Lines-"The ultimate racing harness lines."
Designed for the serious sailor who wants the best. Easy in-flight adjustments, 12 inch plus range, pre-length setting, anodized cleats, durable/stiff self-positioning tubing loop, replaceable rope, easy to grab adjustment handle.  New custom cleat is lighter and more streamlined.
(Suggested Retail US $69.)

In-Flight Adjustable Harness Lines


In-Flight Adjustable Harness Lines
A simple but effective design for sailors requiring on the move adjustments. Heavy duty ladder-lock, line and tubing. Pre-adjustable with one side tie off.

(Suggested Retail US $39.00)


Adjustable Harness Lines

Adjustable Harness Lines
Modified one knot low profile design plus heavy-duty line and tubing makes this another simple but effective design. One size fits all.

(Suggested Retail US $29.00)

Fixed Harness Lines (Available in 16", 18", 20", 22", 24", 26", 28", 30", 32" lengths)


Fixed Length Harness Lines
Available in 16", 18", 20", 22", 24", 26", 28" lengths. Designed with no swing, precise sizing, and very low-profile styling.

(Suggested Retail US $25.00)





Adjustments are fast and easy with a convenient external Velcro system. Comfort is key with a pre-formed arch to eliminate collapsing and super plush Span-Flex neoprene. Compatible with both single and double hole footstrap inserts.
(Suggested Retail US $19.00)

Mast Base Pad
High density closed-cell foam won't gain water weight. Double clips and velcro straps assure a positive hold.

(Suggested Retail US $19.50)

UpHaul Line- Standard
Uphaul Line
Lightweight and strong, webbing and bungee style.

(Suggested Retail US $12.00)

Easy Uphaul
Join everyone on the US Sailing Team and uphaul with a smile. Take it easy on your back. Everyone who tries it loves it, even beginners.
(Suggested Retail US $42)

Toe Jam Pad
Kicking your mast base hurts. Protect your toes!

(Suggested Retail US $11.50)

Car Rack Pads
Available in black with subtle embroidered logo for a sleek look. Three large Velcro patches for easy installation. Heavy-duty water resistant material for long lasting use.
(Suggested Retail US $15.00)

Wrap Straps (Car Rack Tie-Downs)
Unique design quickly and securely retains excess webbing. Soft neoprene cover protects your car from buckle damage. Set of two at 12’ or 15’ each.
(Suggested Retail US $17.00 12' set)
(Suggested Retail US $18.50 15' set)



Sail Repair Tape
Temporary or permanent sail repairs are made easy so you can stay on the water. 4”x120”
(Suggested Retail US $15)

Chinook T-Shirts are 100% cotton/preshrunk and available in a variety of styles and colors. (L,XL,XXL)

(Suggested Retail US $18.00)
Available in a variety of colors.

(Suggested Retail US $19.00)


In-Flight Out-Haul Kit $81.50






Everything you need to adapt a Chinook Carbon Boom into a low friction, 8 to 1, on-the-fly outhaul system. Includes 2 cleats, double sail pulley, 11/64” pre-stretched line (1-12’,2-5’ lengths), two Ronstan pulley blocks, and 2 T-handles. Compatible with modern race booms that have three integrated outhaul pulleys.
(Suggested Retail US $69.00)



Pulley Hooks
These tools make rigging faster and easier than ever. Available with 3 or 4 pulleys. Assorted colors black blue silver etc.

(Suggested Retail US$)
4 pulley $20.80
3 pulley $16.50




Triple Sail Pulley (downhaul)
Attaches to tack grommet.

(Suggested Retail US $12)





Modified Double Sail Pulley
Solid brass sheaves and bushings have been added reducing friction for on-the-fly outhaul systems.

(Suggested Retail US $11.50)



Aluminum Tug Cleat
Cast Aluminum design won't break in your hand.

(Suggested Retail US $15.00)



Aluminum Tug Cleat 2 Hand Design
Two hands are better than one.

(Suggested Retail US $26.50)




US Base Cup Version
Never struggle to rig a sail again. With this new tool you can effortlessly downhaul your sail to any tension desired. Be careful not to over downhaul.


(Suggested Retail US $47.00)




Chinook-Pin Version (RigWinch)

(Suggested Retail US $49.00)



The Deviator

- stops the mast or boom from damaging the nose area of your board
- has been redesigned to initiate earlier deflection, which increases effectiveness.
- weighs only 6 ounces.
- prevents costly board repairs.

When it comes to getting slammed, it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.

(Suggested Retail US $43)



Lash Lock
This handy product ties your board(s) to your roof rack and secures it with a combination lock. Never worry about your board getting snatched off your car again.

Click IMAGE for larger detail view

(Suggested Retail US $39.95)

Footstrap Screws
Stainless steel with large Phillips head.
* 1/4-20 and 6mm sizes


Slider for Mistral Track


Mistral Slider
Retrofits large aluminum mast tracks to accept standard mast bases.
*Not limited to Mistral boards.
(Suggested Retail US $16.50)

8" Fin Box10" Fin Box8" Mast Box
Fin and Mast Boxes
The first choice by quality board builders

2-Hole Footstrap Insert5-Hole Footstrap Insert
Foot Strap Inserts & Vents




Weatherflow meter for your Smart phone $35.


Windmate 100   $94 Wind Meter  
• All wind functions in user selected units
• Digital wind direction in degrees & compass points
• Cross & head/tail wind readings
• Temperature
• Windchill
• Reads in tenths
• Backlight
• Tripod fitting
• Water resistant
• Windspeed accuracy +/- 3% from .8-89mph
• Wind speed range to 135mph
• Digital compass/wind direction accuracy +/- 2°
• Temp/Windchill accuracy +/- 1.8° F
• Optional units: Mph, km/h, kt, ft/min, m/s, BF (Beaufort)
• F or C
• Average windspeed over 10 seconds
• Maximum windspeed 2 seconds gust since power on
• Auto shutdown≤
• Power: CR2032 replaceable Lithium battery (included)
• Measures: 5.5” x 1.75” x .75” closed
• Weighs 3.2oz with battery
• 2-yr warranty.