Alpina X5 Ski Boots Black Red Buckels


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Alpina X5 Ski Boots Black Red Buckels

Manufactured by Alpina

Easy entry softer flex allows boots to flex from the  ankles.  This promotes a better balanced upright stance. Vs Extra stiff bbots that only allow knee flex an cause people to sit back. The pillow lining is ver comfortable right from the start. And there is memory foam that will take the shape of your feet for added comfort. Boots are light weight which helps you ski longer and have great edge control. Buckles have micro adjustments so you can really fine tune the tightness of the boots. Shells are partially transparent so you can see right trough them. Our best selling model for the last few years. The wide power strap at the top of the boots add a lot of supports and feels like a fifth buckle.


Ski Boots & SnowBlade Boots Alpina X5  Red
Suggested Price $250  Now Sale $169  Sizes: Most sizes in stock
CODE 3A54-1
SIZE RUN 250.0 – 315.0
LINING Sport fit
USER TYPE Allmountain comfort
FEATURES water seal
Soft entry
Plastic liner cuff
Anatomic footbed
FIT CONCEPT Ergonomic shell volume
Anatomic footbed
ADJUSTMENTS Power strap 35 mm
Macro adjustable catchers
Alu micro adjustable buckles



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5 m – 24.0 cm, 5.5 m – 24 cm, 6 m – 24.5 cm, 6.5 m – 25.0 cm, 7 m – 25.5 cm, 7.5 m – 26.0 cm, 8 m – 26.5 cm, 8.5 m – 27.0 cm, 9 m – 27.5 cm, 9.5 m – 27.8 cm, 10 m – 28 cm, 10.5 m – 28.5 cm, 11 m – 29 cm, 11.5 m – 29.5 cm, 12 m – 30.0 cm, 12.5 m – 30.5 cm, 13 m -31.5 cm, 13.5 m – 31.0 cm, 14 m – 31.5 cm


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