Ezzy Panther Windsurfing Sail 4.2 Used

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Ezzy Panther Windsurfing Sail 4.2 Very good condition Used

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Ezzy Panther Windsurfing Sail 4.2 Used

Note this is for sail only!

Jump on the Panther 3 and notice how easily it sails: no yank forward, no back-hand pressure, just a velvety smooth ride. Its low weight makes the Panther extra easy to toss around.
But despite its lightness, the Panther is strong. Each region of the sail consists of a unique material designed to address the loads specific to that part of the sail.
And even though the Panther 3 is the most tunable wave sail on the water, it is also easy to rig thanks to the color coded downhaul marks and the color coded outhaul cords, making the sail’s massive wind range easy to navigate.

And of course, quality is guaranteed because we rig every sail in our factory before it’s shipped.

At Ezzy we offer unmatched customer service.
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What materials are used in the Panther 3?

  • Spectra-fiber X ply: tear resistant for the luff and window areas
  • High density Spectra-fiber X ply: puncture resistant for the foot and tack
  • Technora-fiber sail cloth: Unidirectional Technora combined with a polyester scrim. It is light weight and much stronger and more durable.
  • Tri-Lite scrim sail cloth: lightweight for the upper-central area
  • Weft-stop sleeve cloth: tear and abrasion resistant for the sleeve
  • Vinyl window: guarantees perfect visibility for the life of the sail
  • RBS Battens




Ezzy Sails are the most enjoyable sails to windsurf on! They are a great value because they hold up better that any other brand and have the best wind range. Do you windsurf in gusty locations? Most people do. Then get an Ezzy windsurfing sail and RDM mast combination.


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