Buffalo Outer Harbor Damaging Boulders

We have some of the best SW winds blowing 300 miles down Lake Erie. This great for Sailing, Kite Boarding and Windsurfing.

The storms in the fall push a lot of water down to the Buffalo end of the Lake and cause flooding. Back in the late 1800 the city of Buffalo flooded many times. This is why a break wall was constructed to divert the storms down the Niagara River. This stopped the city from flooding but still there is shore line damage. The Army Corp feel the solution is to put large boulders on all the shore line. Which is not nice for water sports or any beach activity. Save our water access to nice beaches. Work with nature stop fighting it!

We need softer shore lines at public parks. If we must build a dike at lease cover it with dirt add grass.

Image of boulders destroying nature at Wilkeson Pointe Army Corp just placed on nice beach.