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Liquid Force CPR Bar 50 cm and lines

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Liquid Force CPR  Bar 50 cm and lines

Safety, simplicity, and reliability. That’s what you can expect from the CPR Control System, which is designed for all Liquid Force kites. Featuring an exclusive non-mechanical push-away safety release, the LF control bar is the most trustworthy setup on the market. With a smooth, push-away action below the bar, all of our kites will depower 90 percent when leashed to the trim strap, and a full 100 percent when connected to the safety depower ring. Incorporating an easy-to-reach, below-the-bar trim system, the CPR Control System minimizes clutter and offers ergonomic power adjustment and lock-off. Other key features include a self-indexing chicken loop, removable spreader bar pin, ergonomic EVA grips, auto-spin flying line swivel, kook-proof attachments, and strong and stretch-resistant German-engineered 20-meter lines with 3-meter extensions. Available in 4- and 5-line options.


Liquid Force


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