Learn to Windsurf Buffalo NY
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Windsurfing Lessons

Learn to Windsurf Buffalo NY
Windsurfing Lesson Buffalo NY

Learn to windsurf: this will be one of the most rewarding and fun activities you can do. Flying across the water with only a windsurfing board and sail is exhilarating. Flying like a bird with only the wind at your back. Jumping waves if you want to get more air. When you learn to windsurf you will find the best and most diverse group of friends. As soon as the wind starts to blow the windsurfers drop everything and start to play.

The easy way to learn to windsurf is to find a certified instructor with a dry land simulator. Once you get on the water you need wide training boards to learn to windsurf. This is the fun and easy method to learn to windsurf. In the first lesson you will master the basic skills on the dry land windsurfing simulator. Then when you are ready, go right to the wide easy training windsurf board. Now it is time to practice the sail handling skills you just learned on the simulator. The only new skill now is balance which is made easier with wide windsurfing boards.

Here at Curtis Sport Connection we have taught hundreds of people to windsurf. Usually the lessons are small with five or less in a group. We also try to match the wind and weather with the skill level of the students.

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