Amundson Spark SUP Epoxy Paddle Boards 11′

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The  are the result of our latest project that combines new and proven shapes with an exciting new construction technology focused on bringing the all the fun of SUP to a more affordable price point. These boards are fun easy shapes, perfect for sharing with family and friends for a lazy afternoon on the water. Consistent with all of John’s designs, the boards are stable and track well so they inspire new paddlers to stick with the sport and really get into the SUP lifestyle.

The moderately wide outlines of the Spark series are perfect for recreational paddling, because they offer the most stability for their size. The Spark 11’0” is 33” wide with 217 liters of volume. This extra volume is great for novice paddlers up to 230 pounds who might find that the Spark 10’6” does not offer enough flotation.

But what really sets these boards apart from others in this price range is the bomb-proof Fusion-Tech molded construction, which gives them the structural integrity of our higher end boards, while saving you money in the finishing department. An EVA deck-pad covers the whole deck and rails, so it is easy on the knees, great for kids and yoga, and won’t scratch or ding due to small miss-haps. The rails are then covered with a 3” wide Gator Skin strip to resist damage from paddles and parking lots. The boards feature our large Easy-Carry handle and deck inserts for stowing a life jacket or bag. This guarantees many years of carefree service, keeping you and your friends on the water all summer long.


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