Starboard S-Type Wing Wave Foil 2000 cm


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Starboard S-Type Wing Wave Foil cm


For surfing waves and carving maneuvers. The S-Types feel solid, stable and secure. They react instantly and precisely to carving pressure. The smaller the size, the faster the speed.

S-Type wing set available sizes:   2400 // 2000 // 1500 // 1200

Aluminium V7 mast sets are available in:   82cm

The lower aspect ratio provides stable and controllable lift with rock-solid stability. The sweeping leading edge lets the wing carve and react smoothly.

Starboard Foils’ signature look: the double concave adds stability at speed while the drop-down wing tips act like thruster fins to give precise carving traction.

The moderately thin profile section with its rounded leading edge and a more symmetrical shape blends speed, control, stability and stall-resistance.

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