Starboard Super Cruiser Easy Foil

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Starboard Super Cruiser Easy Foil is Starboards all-time number #1 selling foil. Maneuverable, smooth and super fun, it’s also our easiest foil ever. The 1700cm² front wing gives the sensation of floating on air and allows you to take-off before reaching planing speeds. The long 87cm fuselage offers extra stability and power. Choose this foil if you want to foil in the lightest winds, make foil-jibes and 360s as easy as possible and foil with smaller sails.

The Wave 1700 is a low aspect wing that gives you lift through sheer surface area.

The round, sweeping leading edge lets you foil jibe smoothly. During the mid-jibe sail and feet transition, the surface area once again lets you float through with ease.

The low-aspect design also gives added stability during flight and through your foil jibes.

The wing is flat when viewed from the front, with a mild double concave. This lets the foil fly faster and more stable.

Once flying at cruising altitudes, the thin cross-section profile lets you accelerate and go faster, all with impeccable flight stability.

The SuperCruiser uses the sleeve system for making it easy to slide the wing on and off. The front wing slides over the fuselage and locks in place via four countersunk M6 Torx bolts. The threads are anodized and reinforced with stainless steel helicoils for strength and corrosion resistance.

Will this fuselage work with other wings and masts?

The SuperCruiser’s fuselage is compatible with all masts from Starboard Foils and all tail wings from the Wing and Wave collection. The only front wing technically compatible with the SuperCruiser is the Wave 1700 for SuperCruiser. See the Custom Shop section below for exceptions. Wings that use the saddle system are not compatible.

With aluminum mast which is light stiff and strong.

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