Voile Hardwire Telemark Binding


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TheĀ  is as hardcore as they come.

It features performance, durability, and design characteristics not found
in any other telemark binding.

The tempered stainless steel Hardwire connecting rods provide superior
lateral control and excellent on-snow performance. The Hardwire rods
attach to the toe box via smooth brass pivot point and the toe box is
guarded from wear with a thin stainless steel wafer.

The 6000 series aluminum, heat-treated T6 toe box, has a tight tolerance
boot fit for unsurpassed performance. The 1/4″ crossbar is stamped out of
solid bar stock with a 100 ton press and it is un-breakable. That’s right

The 20mm V-120 riser is molded from superior strength glass-filled nylon.
The riser platform is ramped to eliminate complications from the natural
curve or “rocker” of a telemark boot. Other high performance design
characteristics include a wide ball-of-foot platform riser and wide LP
Heel platform for superior ski edge control. The V-120 riser has a
industry standard 4-hole pattern in order to mount directly to skis with
pre-installed threaded inserts.

The wide LP Heel platform accepts our LP climbing wire for uphill ski
touring. Unique to the LP Heel is recessed notches for the climbing wire
to prevent bending when touring on steep traverses. Further details
include an LP spacer to prevent excessive wear on the ski top-sheet from
the pivoting climbing wire.

Includes 1 pair of Anti-Ice tape for toe-plates.

Is is a must have telemark binding available at fine outdoor retailers in
all of North America, Europe, Japan, and Scandanvia. Ask for it!

Weight 2 lbs. 10oz./1.18kg/pair.


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