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Windsurfing Mast used

SIZE Description Year Carbon Condition List Ask 400 Fiberspar Breeze 08   A $179.00 $125.00 400 Fiberspar Tidal Wave 06 40% A $395.00 $245.00 400 Fiberspar Tidal Wave 06 40% B $395.00 $195.00 430 Fiberspar Tidal Wave 2004 40% A $375.00 $225.00 430 Fiberspar Tidal Wave 06 40% A $695.00 $195.00 430 Neil Pryde CK35 […]

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Fanatic Viper Med and Std Power Glide by Ezzy Windsurfing Package

Windsurfing Package

Windsurfing packages can really be a great way to get into windsurfing. Getting a quality board that will work great for light wind and learning. But also will grow with you as your skills increase. You will need a windsurfing package that will help you learn tacks and jibes. Also having the correct amount of […]

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Learn to Windsurf Buffalo NY

Learn To Windsurf

Learn to windsurf: this will be one of the most rewarding and fun activities you can do. Flying across the water with only a windsurfing board and sail is exhilarating. Flying like a bird with only the wind at your back. Jumping waves if you want to get more air. When you learn to windsurf […]

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Naish 2018 Thrust Windsurf Foil 70cm Complete

Windsurfing in light wind with my foil

Windsurfing in light wind with my foil. Interesting summer with  lots of light wind days. Thanks to my new Naish and Bic foils I have been able to lower my planing wind to 8 knots. The foils make the windsurfers very efficient. Some say its like losing over 50 lbs. And eliminating the bouncing over […]

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