Windsurfing Equipment Improvements

Modern windsurfing boards are wider for balance and shorter for easy turning. Windsurfing Equipment Improvements include the flotation has been moved to the tail of the board. Fiberglass and carbon have cut the weight in half. The learning curve in much shorter than it was in the beginning. The polyethylene boards are much heavier and are only popular with the low cost beginner market.

Sails have become much more user friendly. They are shorter and have boxy tops which twist off and spill the gusty winds. The skinny mast have made the sail come to life. with a great increase in the wind range. Due to them flexing better in the gusty wind. Also the skinny mast are more durable due to the thicker wall thickness.

Booms have more adjustment. and the clamps easier to set up and they don’t slip. Now very small grip booms are available which help keep your arms from cramping. Carbon booms are the best because they are the lightest, strongest and stiffest.

Windsurfing Equipment Improvements include the latest innovation are the foils. Which make you much more efficient. It is like you just lost 50 lbs and can plan in lighter wind. We have found that 10 mph is great because we can plan on flat water with 6 meter sails.

Sam Windsurfing with Ezzy Cheetah Sail
Sam Windsurfing with Ezzy Cheetah Sail

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