Windsurfing on a foil

Windsurf Foiling takes the sport to a new level of flying. The friction and noise of the water hitting the board is eliminated. This is our third year windsurf foiling. Been taking advantage of the flatter water in the Buffalo NY Harbor. The Naish foil with the 2020 longer windsurfing fuselage is more stable and easier to learn on. Also the big Naish surf wings will get you up on the foil very quickly in lighter winds. Especially for the bigger windsurfers and in light wind.

Starboard has fast and very stable foils that we have been testing. The 115 cm fuselage which comes with the team set is amazing for getting long stable rides. The longer Foil Mast has a great range.

The Naish Hover 122 has a very adjustable track for moving the foil mast forward. Very durable board and quick to get up on a plan. Getting a larger foil board has really made a big difference for light wind. The JP Australia Hydrofoil 150 L is a great light wind addition. The 91 cm width is very stable and helps with light wind planing. When you do foil out, the landings are nice and soft with the long Starboard fuselage.

Doug Foil Windsurfing
Doug Foil Windsurfing

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