Ezzy Elite Windsurfing Sail 5.3 Used

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Ezzy Elite Windsurfing Sail 5.3 Used

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  • Our best all-around wave sail.
  • Designed for flatwater and wave sailing.
  • The Elite is strong. We use Technora and Spectra X-ply sailcloth.
  • Expanded light wind settings.
  • Powerful and stable with a soft feel.
  • Sizes 3.4 to 6.1 have four battens.
  • New sizes: 6.4 and 6.8 with five battens.
  • Calibrated rigging system for fast and accurate rigging.
  • The Elite also works with non-Ezzy masts.
  • Our unique Color Fusion sailcloth makes the Elite visually stunning.




Ezzy Sails are the most enjoyable sails to windsurf on! They are a great value because they hold up better that any other brand and have the best wind range. Do you windsurf in gusty locations? Most people do. Then get an Ezzy windsurfing sail and RDM mast combination.


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