Wing Foiling

Wing Foiling has been growing rapidly the last couple years. We have been winging on ice and snow for over 10 years. With the introduction of the hydro foils the wings have become very efficient on water.

Wing Surfing Buffalo NY
Wing Surfing Ron Buffalo NY

Wing Foiling is very cool and exciting to be gliding above the water with very little drag and lots lift. Lift from the wing and the foil. The Wing gives you a lot of help with balance also because it is pulling upward.

There are a few skills that need to be learned. Like how to foil, wing handling, staying up wind, steering the board and wing. All with safety as a top priority. There are risk, but these can be reduce with help of an instructor. and mentor. The easiest way to learn to wing is on the snow, using skies and snowboards.

When we start a beginner we first do dry land training. Then we use a wide floaty board with 2 fins, front and middle, for our first rides on the water. Some foilers like to get pulled by a jet ski or boat to build their foiling skills. This is not a high speed pull but at the lower end of the foil speed range.

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