Starboard Rio Large Std Power Glide by Ezzy Windsurfing Package


Starboard Rio Large Std Power Glide by Ezzy Windsurfing Package
Chinook powerglide sail rig with fiberglass epoxy mast, boom, ext, foot, and uphaul.



Starboard Rio Large Std Power Glide by Ezzy Windsurfing Package

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Starboard Rio Long Tail

The Long Tail design has many benefits: they increase the length of the board for more longitudinal traction and more glide. They increase the rolling stability to make it easier to learn on. And best of all, they remove the technical difficulty of learning to plane.

With added area behind the fin box, the 2017 Rios not only plane earlier, they also won’t tilt up as they transition on to the plane: there’s no longer the need to learn the tricky technique of overcoming this hump. This is unique to the Rio Long Tail.
The extra wide section of the tail is relatively thin, forming what we call Bat Wings, first used in the Phantoms.

At low speeds, the wings are below the surface and the water flows along a streamline path. At higher speeds, the tail rises and as the wings break the water surface, a wide and efficient planing surface is created.

The width also helps improve glide and directional traction by allowing the designers to draw more parallel lines. It also creates more planing power.
Fitted with Starboard’s Clipperbox system with easily replaceable and ultra durable lips and a new daggerboard with integrated handle for carrying the board under-arm. The daggerboard itself is extra soft in the tip for more performance and lift.Starboar
Chinook Power Glide Rig
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Performance, durability, and light-weight built into one sail. Majority of X-ply material combined with Dacron is very light yet extremely durable. Endo-batten seam shaping battens helps to create a powerful sail that is tunable with screw-adjusting batten tensioners. This upgrade package includes an Ezzy built sail, 2-piece Fiberglass Mast, Sport Boom, 1-Bolt Tendon Mast Base, Skinny Alloy Extension, and uphaul. Designed for demanding recreational sailors looking for that extra edge of performance and feel.
Current available color pattern is Fluorescent Green/Black/White. Colors may vary
3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.7, 5.5, 6.5, 7.5

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Item         Boom          Mast          Base        Extension
3.0 Kid   120-160cm 340cm Fiberglass  1-Bolt Tendon Short Alum US-RDM
3.5 Kid   120-160cm 370cm Fiberglass 1-Bolt Tendon Short Alum US-RDM
4.0 Sport 129-191cm 370cm Fiberglass 1-Bolt Tendon Short Alum US
4.7 Sport 150-210cm 400cm Fiberglass 1-Bolt Tendon Medium Alum US
5.5 Sport 150-210cm 430cm Fiberglass 1-Bolt Tendon Medium Alum US
6.5 Sport 150-210cm 460cm Fiberglass 1-Bolt Tendon Medium Alum US
7.5 Sport 182-244cm 460cm Fiberglass 1-Bolt Tendon Tall Alum US

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