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Snowblades of high quality. Best snowblades with release ski boot bindings, snowboard boot and non release bindings ski boot bindings. 
Largest selection of snowblades with over fifty models in stock. Sizes vary from 99 cm, 90 cm to 75 cm. All models are very durable with wood cores. These will last a lot longer than foam core models that you see on the low end of the price range. Snowjam, Five Forty and Elan are all popular models. Binding option are non release which are vary light but do not release and take a little more effort to put on. We offer a Tyrolia Release Step in binding with brakes. That is on a track with  a huge size range from 5 to 16. Another option is our Snowboard bindings that mount on our 4 x 4 snow_blades. You can wear your comfortable snowboard boots now with you snow_blades. Also for better edging we offer a riser plate to improve edging and keeps the snow board binding from hitting the snow.


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