Snowblade Tips

Elan Freeline 99 cm Snowblades with Release Track Bindings
Snowblade Tips
Elan Freeline 99 cm Snowblades with Release Track Bindings

Why are snow blades popular?

Snow Blades are easy to transport.
Snow Blades are easy to turn!
Weight is less than skis and snow boards.
Great for tricks.
Great for carving.
Snow Blades will improve your Balance.

What are some of the tips I should know to get started? *Pick snow blades that are right for your size.

Take a lesson.

An hour or two with an Instructor will save you a lot of time and frustration. A good instructor will have you turning under control in less than an hour.

How does the side cut effect the Snow Blades?

The bigger the side cut difference between the tip and middle of the snow blades the tighter the turn. The tighter the turn the more work the snow blades will do and the less work for the snow blader.
How does the width effect the snow blades? Wider snow blades float better in soft snow. Narrower snow blades are quick from edge to edge and work fine on firm snow.
What length should an adult use? The length for an adult snow blades is based on attitude more than the size of the user. 99cm is the most popular size. If tricks, half pipes and spins are your bag. Or you just want to feel like you are on ice skates go for a short pair. The longer ones enhance bigger turns and more speed. It also easier to balance on the longer ones.
What type of boots do I need? These snow blades are designed to go with ski boots. Most go for a boot with good flex.

How do I keep from loosing my snow blades on the hill? All of our snow blades come with leashes.

Are these Snow blades for an adult? At least 5 feet tall and 100 lbs.
Adult snow blades are between 75 cm and 99 cm
Short snow blades are best for tricks.
Long snow blades are for carving.
The 75 cm snow blades users
Minimum Height 4 ‘ Weight 55 lbs

WARNING: Active Sports have risk of injury. The risk of injury can be reduced by taking lessons, riding under control, wearing a helmet, wear a run away strap, and using common sense. These bindings do not release in normal use unless you get the release binding option which will not release at all times or under all circumstances.. Use at own risk. Similar to snowboard bindings. Short snow blades have less leverage than long skis. Please match up the right size snow blades and person. We recommend releasable bindings for small children