Windsurfing Tips

  • Why are wider windsurfing boards better for learning? They are more stable. Also they get up on a plane sooner.
  • Why is windsurfer board weight important for planing?  
    The lighter the tip of the windsurfing board the sooner it will jump up on top of the water and start to plane.
  • How do I make my windsurfing rig lighter? 
    The windsurfing mast makes the most difference. Due to it’s length the leverage of a light mast is easier to up haul and jibe. Plus a higher carbon mast is more stable. Booms such as carbon are also one pound lighter and stiffer.
  • What are a few windsurfing safety tips? 
    Wear a PFD. A helmet will help protect your head. Wetsuits will keep you warmer. Windsurf in the wind range that match your skill level. Sun protection with hats, sun screen, and sun shirts. Take a lesson. Use a big enough windsurf board. Beginners need about one liter of float for each pound of person. Advanced windsurfers can get by with one liter of float for every two pounds of person.
  • Where is the best place to learn to windsurf? 
    Flat water with a nice steady breeze. A certified instructor can really shorten the learning curve.
  • Windsurfing Rigging Tips
    Windsurfing Rigging Tips for most no cam sails by Curtis Sport Connection   Luff Length = Mast Length + Extension  Boom Length = Boom Minimum plus Boom Extension. Tighten Downhaul on bottom of sail with rope 3 times though sail pulley. Lock into cleat. Tighten out haul  on back of sail with rope 2 times though sail grommet. Batten above boom should not cross middle of mast in light wind setting. Lock into cleat. Tighten Down haul on bottom of sail second time with rope 3 times though sail.  Batten above boom should not cross Middle of mast in light wind setting. Lock into cleat. Loosen out haul on back of sail with rope 2 times though sail. Lock into cleat.
  • How do I take care of my board and sail? 
    To much sun and heat will cause premature aging of windsurfing equipment. Deck pads will pull loose or bubble. Sails will become brittle.
  • What size windsurfing sail should I use? 
    Beginners should start on very small sails. 1 to 2 meter for small kids and 4 meter for adults their first hour on the water.   Experienced expert windsurfers can go bigger using a harness see chart . Add 2 MPH wind if over 200 lbs. Also depends on skill level of windsurfer. Subtract 1 meter size if you weigh 130lbs. Also depends on if you are using a skinny mast and rigging skills. 9.5 for 10 to 13 mph 7.5 for 12 to 17 mph 6.5 for 16 to 21 mph 6.0 for 18 to 23 mph 5.5 for 21 to 28 mph 5.0 for 30 to 35 mph 4.5 for 36 to 40 mph