EZZY 7.5 Infinity Windsurfing Sail Used


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EZZY 7.5 Infinity Windsurfing Sail Used

Only used about 6 times.

Mast sleeve reinforced.

The Infinity has two removable cams, one
above and one below the boom. With both
cams in, this sail is a perfect freeride/slalom
sail. The shape is forward which means the
Infinity can be set with an extremely deep
draft for lighter winds without the back
hand getting loaded.
Take the top cam out and use the Infinity
with just the lower cam and you get the
ease of rotation of a no-cam sail, with the
power and stability of a cambered sail.
The Infinity uses our Universal Cam

This system produces a perfect fit
with any mast diameter from the Reduced
Diameter Masts to the Standard
Diameter Masts.
The Infinity utilizes our Endo-Batten
Construction which means it doesn’t
have traditional batten pockets laid on top
of the sail panels. Instead, the batten is
sandwiched between the sail’s panel layers
providing the same, symmetrical profile
to the sail on both starboard and port
The Infinity will out-last the other freeride
or cammed sails sold today.The Infinity has
no monofilm. It is made with our
Spectra® Reinforced “X” Film.This is
the same material we use in our Ezzy
Wave SE. In fact, the Infinity has the same
construction as the Ezzy Wave SE, including
a vinyl window that can be cleaned and
won’t scratch.

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