EZZY LION 2023 Windsurfing Sail Blue

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EZZY LION 2023 Windsurfing Sail Blue




Are you an expert sailor looking for high performance, fast freeride?
Then the Lion is for you.

What makes the Lion special compared to other cambered sails?
Unlike many wide-sleeved, cambered sails on the market, the Lion’s sleeve is narrow to make waterstarting and uphauling easy. Even with this narrow sleeve, the Lion will work with any mast: RDM, SDM, and everything in between. The Lion comes with cams for the Ezzy RDM masts already installed, and you will find extra cams included in the Lion’s bag that will fit any mast made in the last 25 years.

Can you remove the cams on the Lion?
Yes, the Lion can be run as a two cam, single cam, or no-cam sail.

What’s new about the Lion?
1) Faster, 2) More stable, and 3) Lighter.

What else is new?
Less shape below the boom reduces profile drag making the Lion more “slippery” through the air. A deeper profile above the boom gives earlier planing and stability. New scrim reinforcements reduce weight by not absorbing water.

What is the difference between the Lion and Cheetah?
Overall, the top speed of the Lion and Cheetah are similar. Stability is the main benefit of the cams. The extra stability comes with the trade-off that rigging the Lion requires more steps. In the jibes, the cams mean that the Lion keeps driving, allowing an expert windsurfer to transfer that power to the rail. Without cams, the Cheetah, on the other hand, is more neutral in the jibe, which makes it flip to the new side more easily.


The Ezzy Lion is our twin-cam,power-freeride sail. Unlike any wide-sleeved,cambered sails on the market, the Lion’s sleeve is just narrow enough to make water starting and uphauling easy. We replaced the vinyl with adyneema-reinforced window that increases stability in high winds and dramatically improves the transfer of wind energy into board speed. You can remove either the top or bottom cam to create a single-cam freeride experience. And even use the Lion without the cams—the flatter shape of the Lion without cams works great for learning to foil. In our factory, we rig and inspect every single Lion and then calibrate the downhaul gauge, so you can find the perfect down haul every time you rig. Designed for easy speed and built to last, the new Lion continues the long lineage of Ezzy freeride sails. Comes set up with cams for skinny mast. Let us know if you need cams for Standard mast.

What do we mean when we talk about the Lion’s quality construction?

Living and testing on Maui, we have learned how to make sails that survive the the elements. The Lion is a freeride sail, but it is built with the wisdom of over 35 years of making wave sails. There is no monofilm that will quickly crack and break. The Lion is made with lightweight and strong scrim, Dyneema, and Technora-reinforced sailcloth. We use RBS epoxy battens, the strongest battens in the world.

Every seam is glued and covered before being sewn. David Ezzy owns his own factory because no other factory can produce the quality he demands.

Every sail is rigged in the factory by our experienced craftsmen who scrutinize every milimeter from headcap to pulley. While rigged, the battens are tuned to be ready right out of the bag for your first session.

We obsess over quality so you can enjoy the Lion today and for many years to come.

How does the calibrated rigging save you time?

No one likes to spend time rigging. The Lion sets up in minutes with rigging gauges that remove all the guesswork from tuning. Just downhaul until the gauge lines up with the bottom of your mast. That’s it. No guessing. Markers on the clew further ensure accurate and precise rigging. Each and every sail is rigged and calibrated in the Ezzy Sails factory.


LION Luff Luff Boom Boom No. of Suggested Mast Weight
Size (sq.m.) Min (cm) Max (cm) Min (cm) Max (cm) Battens Length / MCS / IMCS Kilogram
6.0 445 448 184 190 6 430 / 25 / 21 4.02
6.5 455 458 191 198 6 430 / 25 / 21 4.19
7.0 466 469 197 205 6 460 / 25 / 25 4.36
7.5 477 480 206 213 7 460 / 25 / 25 4.70
8.0 485 488 214 222 7 460 / 25 / 25 4.98
8.5 500 503 222 230 7 490 / 26 / 29 5.16
9.5 513 516 231 239 7 490 / 26 / 29 5.50

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Lion Rigging Guide

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