90 cm Titan Black Red 2 Strap Snowboard Bindings no Risers

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90 cm Titan Black 2 Strap Snowboard Bindings no Risers

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90 cm Titan Black Red 2 Strap Snowboard Bindings no Risers

  • Top of the line

  • Five Forty Snowboard Bindings
  • SnowBlades Fit standard snowboard boots

  • Reverse printed, Dura Clear Polymide top sheet

  • Bi-directional fiberglass construction for optimal longitudinal and lateral flex without excess weight

  • Full-wrapped hardened steel edges

  • Ultra-lite, tip-to-tail White Birch wood core, capped construction

  • Stone ground P-tex 1850 sintered base

  •  90 cm: 13.2-11.2-13.2 cm

  • Sidecut Turn radius 90 cm 5.7 m

  • 90 cm & 99 cm Snowjam Recommendations Snow Blades Min.height 5′, Min Weight 75 lbs

  • Active Sports have risk of injury. The risk of injury can be reduced by taking lessons, riding under control, wearing a helmet,  and using common sense. These bindings are non release and will not release. Use at own risk. There is no guarantee of safety.  Short snow blades have less leverage than long skis. Please match up the right size snow blades and person. We recommend releasable bindings for small children.
  • 2 Strap Snowboard Bindings
  • Skiboards
  • 90 cm Snow Blades SkiBoards
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Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 37 × 10 × 7 in


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