Skis for Beginners to Intermediate

Great Ski Value

Skis for beginners to intermediate are the best ski value because they come as a packages with integrated bindings. The track system for the bindings allow the better ones to adjust from a small ladies foot up to a large men’s foot.

Who is the leader in making great skis for beginners to intermediate?

Elan Skis has been one of our favorites for the last 20 years. Why because of their focus on quality and durability. They use wood cores on most of their models that hold their shape for many years verse foam cores that break down. The parabolic side cut is the best in the industry and matches the true shape of a ski turn.

Best Ski Size?

What is the best ski size to get? Most new skiers will start with chest height or shorter and some stay short. The shorter skies are easier to turn and really speed up the learning process. Where as intermediates will go for chin height for a little more stability.

Get a ski that matches your skill level so it will bend and carve easier. The most important part is take some lessons. The instructors will teach you how to get the ski to make the turn and this will make you more efficient. And you can ski longer because the bending ski is helping making the turn. Refining your turn shape will help control your speed and help you get the true value out of your skis.

The skis for beginners to intermediate will turn easier with proper technique. A good athletic stance is critical for standing on the ski. Feet shoulder width apart for parallel and even a little wider for the wedge. Both skis are suppose to work as a pair to held in balance and steering. Good skiers ski with their lower bodies.

Advanced skiers should check out Elans ski finder.

Skier Speed Control

Speed control start with a good turn finish. Best not to get on any hill until the instructor has taught you the basic wedge turns with a good turn finish. Where you will turn back up hill some to keep your speed under control. This is also how you stop. Brushing off speed at the end of a turn. Involves having just enough edge so you can have a controlled side slip but not so much edge you can not side slip.

All these tips work better if you have the correct easy turning quality skis for beginners to intermediate that are matched to your size, skill level and budget.

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