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Windsurfing vs Kiteboarding vs Wing Foiling Which is easier to learn?

Windsurfing vs Kiteboarding vs Wing Foiling Which is easier to learn?


Windsurfing came first and has been refined for many years. A good instructor will start you on a large bigger board and smaller sail. Since the sail rig is attached to a surf styled board it is very stable. And you can learn very quickly. It also helps to do some dry land training.

Why start windsurfing? The thrill of sailing without the cost of a big sail boat and crew. Quick to setup and fun to fly across the water with the wind. You feel like a bird. No gas needed, only the wind. Can sail around like a sail boat or windsurf at speeds over 30 mph.


Kiteboarding came next and requires two skill sets. First you need to learn to fly and control small training kites. Then work your way up to 4 line depower kites. Certified instructor can greatly improve the learning curve. Next we need to learn how to wake board. Snow boarding is very similar with toe and heal side carving. Lots of learners will have a boat or jet ski pull them to speed up learning to wake board.

As you can see there are more steps and skills needed to kiteboard. Kite boarding needs to be be broken down into many steps to learn the skills correctly and reduce the risk. Kiteboarding has the most skills that need to be learned and takes the most time.

Why Kiteboard? Jumping is a big draw for kite boarding. The learning curve is steep in the beginning but gets better with lessons. Equipment is very compact for storage. The lines give you more power but require a larger launch area.

Wing Boarding

Wing Boarding is the newest of the three sports. We can start on bigger boards and smaller wings which helps with the learning curve. The wings have no lines which make it much less complicated than kiteboarding. Set up time is quicker than kiteboarding. But because the wing is not attached to the board requires more skills and strength than windsurfing.

Why start Wing Boarding? Big draw over kite boarding is no lines. When a foil is added the wing feels like you are floating over the water.


Windsurfing vs Kiteboarding vs Wing Foiling Which is easier to learn?

Windsurfing is easier to learn and is the correct fit for most people. Wing boarding comes in second and can be learned with the correct equipment and instructions. Kite surfing is the most difficult for most people.

Sam Windsurfing with Ezzy Cheetah Sail
Sam Windsurfing with Ezzy Cheetah Sail

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